[SCAM] BitsRapid : Cloud Mining Bitcoin


Offering for rent graphic crad hashpower. The smallest contract is for 20 kH/s. Withdrawal minimum: 0.005 BTC. Early withdrawal is possible.


BITSRAPID CLOUD MINING is a AMERICAN company registered and established in SAN FRANCISCO. The company was born as a result of studying the Crypto-Currency Industry in depth for the past three years, the results of their research resulted in the development of a two tier solution.

Their first Tier was our Cloud Mining Solution. This cloud mining solution enables both novices and seasoned crypto-currency miners the ability to mine various crypto-currencies and gain significant ROI without any equipment investment. The second tier is our revolutionary universal crypto-currency mining.

They provide free support in every aspect of getting our clients set up and ongoing support for questions or assistance after setting up accounts with our company. Clients with no knowledge of crypto-currency mining can feel to approach us and they will hold their hands through the entire process.



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