How to edit and rename tweakware servers.

Most of us know about the tweakware vpn apps which is used for browsing tweaks and tricks.Some of us might have seen the edited tweakware server answering someone's name and we might want our tweakware servers to answer our own names,but don't know how to do it.

This tutorial is for tweakware servers renaming.(But you can go further in editing your whole tweakware).


1.Download and install Apk editor pro.
Apk editor pro.apk download

2.Open the installed Apk editor pro.

3.Tap select apk from app.

4.Select Tweakware and tap Full Edit(Resource Re-build)

5.Tap 'Files' at the center bottom of your screen.

6.Tap 'assets'

7.Tap 'Servers.xml'

8.Now rename any server of your choice(we renamed Free server to Crackerwap)

9.Tap 'Save' at the left bottom.

10.Tap back and tap 'save' at the right top coner.

11.Minimize after saving and then uninstall old tweakware.

12.Then tap 'install' and install your edited tweakware.

13.Test your edited Tweakware.

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