How to edit android apps and games(no root)

Hello Crackers,in this post we will be teaching you all how to edit android apps and games without rooting your phone. You might have been hearing of Reality vpn and Crack vpn which was just composed from Tweakware vpn with an android app.

Before editing any app or game,make sure you back up the app or games in any folder{just incase}.

How to edit some android apps and games

1.Download and install Apk editor pro.
 Apk editor pro.apk download

2.Open the installed Apk editor pro.

3.Tap on �select apk from apps�.


4.Tap on the apk you want to edit.


5.Now tap on �full edit{resource re-build}�.


6.Start changing the texts in that game or app.


 7.After editing,tap on save on the top right hand side.

8.Tap on install and let the app to install.

9.Check and test what you edited.
Our next post will be on how to change pictures in games and apps to your desired picture.

If you encounter any problem,just use the comment box below.

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