How to move files from phone storage to sdcard(Samsung)

Some people have been complaining that they cant move apps and files from phone storage to sdcard in their android phones {mainly samsung}.

So we decided to write down this post to tell you guys how to do move files from phone storage to sdcard.

Things you should try.

Method 1

-.Locate your files.

-In your app list widget,look for My Files. -TapAll Files.

-Tap Device storage

Then tap and hold the files inside any of the folder and then tap copy.

Go to your desire location in your sdcard and tap paste.

NOTE: I recommend Copy over Move because unsuccessful moving can lead to loss of important data.After pasting your content,you can now delet the ones in your phone storage.

Method 2

-Plug your phone with usb in a computer.

-Tap usb debugging in your phone or Media share{Depending on phone version}.

-Now in your computer,go to My computer.Locate your phone and open it.Open the phone storage.

-Locate the folder or file that you want to move to your sdcard.

-Right click the file/folder and left click Copy.

-Now go back and tap on sdcard then open your folder and right click the background and left click Paste.

If you try all the above and none worked for you,then comment below with the comment box below .

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