Use multiple apps(eg whatsapp) in your android phone(no root)

whatsappsMany people want to use more than one whatsapp in a particular android phone,maybe due to their phone being double sims{2 sims} or maybe because they have two sim cards.
We all might have heared of an android app called Parallex which is used to duplicate some android apps with the help of data connection.Which seems to slower your phone performance by lagging your phone.
But today,we will be telling you all how to duplicate your whatsapp and many other android apps without data connection and without rooting your phone.

How to use multiple whatsapps in your android phone

In this tutorial,we will be using Appcloner.Backup the app you want to clone{just incase}.

1.Download and install Appcloner.apk


Appcloner.apk download

2.Open the installed Appcloner and tap MAYBE LATER.


3.Scroll down to you see the app you want to clone{We are using whatsapp for this tutorial}.


4.Tap Whatsapp

5.You might change the name to any name you desire.{We are using Whatsapp clone}

6.Now scroll down and tap Change icon color

7.Choose your desired color and tap Ok

8.Tap the Good sign and tap Ok.

9.Wait while your app clones.

10.Tap INSTALL APP and tap Install

11.Tap Done. 

Now your whatsapp is cloned and you can now make use of two whatsapps in your android phone.

This does not work for all apps but works perfectly for whatsapp.And you can still clone more whatsapp to use multiple accounts.
If you want to know if your desired app or game can be cloned with this app,then add your desired apps or games in your comments.

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