Crackerwap to include video tutorials in posts

This is a good improvement to all Crackers as we now add video tutorials to our posts.

We try to ensure that all Crackers{You all} understands our post by adding relevant images,spacing our posts properly and other techniques which we make use of.But from now henceforth,we will start including videos in our posts.

How will we add these videos to our posts?.

At the end of the post,you will find a link named Watch video tutorial which you are to tap and watch.Watching the video tutorial will guide you step by step in that particular topic.
We will also include a download link for the video tutorial so that you can also watch the video offline.

All you have to do is to subscribe to our Youtube channel by tapping any of the below links or by copying any of the links to your browser.

Subscribe to our official youtube channel.

Copy this to your browser:

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