New easy way to increase your site/blog traffic

It is painful to own a site or blog and after typing and posting but gets only 300-500 page views and 100-150 visitors per day.
That is why this post is here to teach you some simple tricks on how to increase your daily site visitors and traffic.

How to increase your blog traffic

1.By generating backlinks.

Backlinks helps in ranking your site in search engines and helps in the increase of your site traffic. You can generate free backlinks by commenting in posts with a referal link of your site.Do not spam with this process unless your comment will be deleted.

Thanks a lot admin.
 Commenting from

With the above comment,some of the post readers might decide to check your site.There by leading to increase in your site traffic.

2.By sharing your posts in social medias.

Millions of people use social medias as a form of communication. Social medias sites are being crawled rapidly by search engines{Google,Bing etc} due to the high rate of usage. Sharing your posts in social medias will rank your site in search engines and will also serve as backlinks.

There are many social medias out there,but I will advise you to use Top rated social medias for more traffic.

All you have to do is to add share buttons in your site{For your visitors to share your contents}.And you should share your post to social medias with the share buttons after publishing.

3.Posting useful needed contents

The posts in your site determines who to visit your site.If you post adult contents,then mainly adults will visit your site.

Your posts should be clear and understandable.And you should try and post atleast four posts per week.

Also avoid duplicating/copying other sites contents.It has been proven that Google lowers the rank of sites containing copied contents.

Apart from lowering your rank in Google,it will also lead to loss of visitors.When a visitor searches for a particular tutorial and the ones he/she saw might not work for him/her and finally ends up in your site only to see that yours and theirs are the same.He/she will exit your site and might not visit it again.But when you published two or more methods for the tutorial,he/she will end up visiting your site continously.

4.Evergreen posts
I know some of you might not know what evergreen posts means.
Well,evergreen posts means posts that are always needed.

Posts that you cannot call an old stuff because even after years,its still needed.

Non evergreen posts are mainly entertainment posts because they come and go.

5.Submitting your site to search engines.

Search engines are sources of organic traffic to websites.Submitting your site to search engines will lead to rapid increase of your site traffic and site rank.

There are many search engines out there and submitting your site to those search engines will increase your site traffic within a week.
You can also auto submit your site to search engines

Auto submitting your site to search engines will only submit your site to some search engines but we advise you to manually submit your site to Google.

The above are the major ways of increasing your site traffic.

NOTE: Do not spam while commenting.Use the above comment example to comment while adding your site.


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