Top 10 Java Swing Interview Questions Answers asked in Investment banks

The Swing API and toolkit are heavily used in developing trading application front end in Java on both large Investment banks and small broker firms. Doesn�t matter whether its front office or middle office application, you will find Java Swing GUI everywhere. The Swing-based GUI is used to develop Order entry system, Order monitoring GUI and for other tools which trader or operations can use on different trade life cycle in the front office. middle office and back office space. Due to its heavy usage, there are a lot of requirements of Java Swing developer in investment banks like Barclays, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Nomura, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs etc. Though in the era of Java 8, Java FX is positioned to take over from Swing but there are still a lot of legacy application which means the requirements for Java Swing developers will not dry out soon.
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