Wow! 3 top commentators of December (receive your reward now)

topIt's been a long period of time this December and many of us have been expecting this Day(The end of December).

We promised all Crackers to reward the 3 top commentators of the month and that is what we are about to do now.

What is 3 top commentators of the month?
3 top commentators of the month means the 3 people with the highest comments in our site for that particular month.

Below are the list of 5 top commentators.

1. adesina babatunde

2. meeky bash 

3. Charles amobi

4. Christian Nelson

5. Emeka Maduka 

If you are among the above listed names(1 - 3),then you have to comment with your mobile number and your network provider.

08176128336 - Etisalat

Don't forget that January 3 top commentators counts from 1st January, 2017.
Therefore, always visit this site and drop your comments.

Congratulations to the 3 top commentators of December.

You too can be among the 3 top commentators of January by just dropping your comments.


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