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seriousHello to all bloggers,this might be your first visit to our blog Crackerwap.

We bloggers always search for a means of promoting our blogs and increasing our blog traffic. This lead to the using of several strategies to ensure that our blogs are well ranked and promoted.

We earlier published a post on how to increase your blog traffic, which we included creating of backlinks.

Now, we decided to introduce a method in which we can boost our blog traffic with back links.{Back links are links to your blog from another site/blog}.
 It does not only help in boosting your blog traffic, it also helps in ranking your blog in search engines{when a blog has many links referring to it, search engines{eg Google} will conclude that the blog is a popular one due to how people link to the blog}.

In order to archieve lots of back links {without paying a dime}, we decided to create a blog named

How 9ja bloggers works and its benefits.

Bloggers lodge is a blog created for the purpose of promoting our various blogs. Just as a forum, this blog will be managed by all interested bloggers{some of them are Cracker Lordz, Naijaspot, Blazerwap, Reality, Chiscocity etc}. They will publish few words{demo} of their posts and then link a read more to their site{where they published the full post}.

This might sound crazy, but the truth behind it is that it helps in ranking of your blog in search engines. You can give it a try and you will observe a high change in your blog within a month.

You can check the blog 9ja-bloggers and see a sample post which we composed.

All you have to do is to drop your gmail and we will add you as a author of that blog. For those of you who gave us their gmail on whatsapp, we have already added you all.

We created the blog today and we all{bloggers} can contribute in it's designing.

Every blog needs a back link and this is an opportunity for you to get yours.
Join 9ja-bloggers whatsapp group{for bloggers only} @ 08176128336


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