New: Airtel #0.00 faster and stable with Crack vpn2 for all sims

CrackWe all should have heard of the Airtel #0.00 which we have been blazing on android and pc with psiphon and tweak it.

Here at,we always try to provide the best to our readers.
Before we proceed,we advice you to try the below method if you haven't.

Airtel #0.00 unlimited free browsing with Xp psiphon.

Airtel #0.00 with Tweak it

What is Crack vpn

Crack vpn is an android vpn app which allows its users to browse freely.It is an app edited
from Tweakware vpn by Cracker Lordz and Nuel Cee (The Mystery Minds).
Some of us might have heard of Reality vpn,Jackobian vpn and many other vpns edited from Tweakware vpn. But today,we will be releasing our own edited Tweakware named Crack vpn with many features over other vpns.

Advantages of Crack vpn over Tweakware and any other tweakware edited apps.

1. Tweakware unfortunately stopped --> FIXED

2. Maximun number of free users reached --> REDUCED for 1st and 2nd choice server.

3. Ads after connection --> TOTALLY FIXED

4. Front designs --> CHANGED

5. Few bugs fixed.

Procedures for the Airtel #0.00 with Crack vpn:

1. Download and install Crack vpn.
Crack vpn.apk download

2.Open the installed Crack vpn and tap Settings at the top right side.

3.Tap Bundled settings.

4. Tap Select bundled settings.

5. Tap Airtel #0.00.

6. Go back and tap Connect.

You can see the speed at the top of the above image and you can also see the service bar.
NOTE: It might write 'Maximun number of free users reached' but don't give up,just keep connecting till it connects.



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