Tips for increasing the life span of your android battery??

This post is meant for those who want to increase their android battery lifespan.It is a simple trick that does not involve rooting of your phone and tweaking of your imei.

  Below are the methods of increasing your android battery lifespan:

Avoid charging your battery with low current.
Charging your battery with low current as been confirmed as the major reason why the android battery dosnt last.
Recently,i tried to charge my sisters tecno p9 with low current,where by a 60watts bulb displays no sign of light.And after successful charging to 100%,i unplugged the phone from the extension plug and then began to use the phone.

The phone was working properly until when i switched off the phone and later decided to switch it on again then it refused to switch on.I thought it was battery low{0%} not knowing that it has damage the battery.

So i decided to charge the phone with enough current in my friends house but the battery was not even charging.I left it for about a day{to boost it} and still no result.I now took it to a phone repairer and he said that the inbuilt battery has been disconnected due to melting and needs to be boosted by an external charger before connecting.

That was how i got my battery repaired but that dosnt mean that my battery lifespan has not been reduced.

Some of the sources with low current:->Some generators{mainly small ones}.

  ->Some cars{mini cars}.

->Some power banks{mainly mini ones and some solar ones}

  ->So many other sources.

Avoid frequent charging of your battery.
Frequent charging of your battery is also reffered to as steady charging of your battery.It is a process where by you use your android phone and charges it within the same day.It is killing the battery slowly.

Don't charge your android phone daily.Except if you are ready to reduce the lifespan of your battery.

Avoid charging and discharging.
If you are making use of your android phone while charging it,then just know that you are killing your phone battery.

It is advisable not to make use of your phone while charging it. Apart from killing your phone battery,it also causes explosion which might lead to death.

Switch off your bluetooth, data connection and wifi when not in use
Leaving your bluetooth, data connection and wifi on when not in use will only drain your battery life, which will lead to charging your phone.Apart from draining your battery life,it might also be a source of virus to your phone.

We advice you to switch off your bluetooth, data connection and wifi imediately after making use of it.

Reduce minimization of apps.
Minimizing of apps in your android phone contributes to the draining of your phone battery.Some people{new android users} do minimize android apps unknowingly by pressing the home key, thinking that they have closed the app.Hold your home key and remove all apps to reduce the amount of battery drained per minute.

Think twice before rooting your android phone.
Rooting of android phone is what many people do nowadays for some reasons like imei tweaking, to run some apps, and other features.Rooting of android phones is cool but it contributes in the rapid draining of your android phone battery.

So before rooting your phone,apart from other disadvantages you should also consider your battery life.

Reduce screen brightness and standby time
Your screen brightness depends on where you are.If you are in an outdoor then your screen brightness should be increased but if you are indoor then your screen brightness should be reduced.

There are so many other tips which you can also contribute to.


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