Top 7 Android apps for game hacking 2017

hackRecently, android phones are the top most used phone around the whole world.Many Android users have root their android phone while some others have never thought of rooting their phone.

Gaming with android phone is an interesting activity which we usually do.We do play games which makes use of coins, gems, rubies and also lives.But sometimes we do find it difficult to ascertain certain amount of value(gems,coins,lives and rubies). Sometimes, we may desire a particular character(eg Subway surf) but won't be able to have it due to insufficient coins or gems.

This is why we compose this post to show you all top apps which you can use to hack Android games in order to get unlimited coins and gems.

Top android apps for hacking android games.

For non rooted phones

1. Lucky patcher(no root)

Lucky patcher is a popular android app which we have been using to patch android games in order to purchase in app purchases for free.

You don't need to root your android phone before making use of lucky patcher. All you have to do is to download lucky patcher and follow the tutorial in the below link.
Patch android games with lucky patcher.

2. Creehack (no root)

Creehack is an android app which hacks Android games similarly to that of Lucky patcher. Many video games usually require that you make purchases if you want to enjoy all the features of the game.

But with Creehack, you can bypass all the limitations and then enjoy your favourite games without having to make any purchases.
Creehack.apk download

3. LeoPlay Card(no root)

This is another great Android app that will allow you to play lots of android video games for free without paying a dime.

The app is just like Creehack and also does not require the rooting of your phone.
LeoPlay Card.apk download

For rooted phones

1. Cheat engine(root needed)

This android app requires root access and requires time, thinking and understanding.

With this app, we can increase and also decrease the value of coins, gems and rubies. As we said earlier, it requires your understanding.
With this app,you can set your desired values. Let's assume that you have 1000 coins in Subway surf, and you decided to use this app(Cheat engine) in hacking your game. You can increase it to 999999 coins and you can also decrease it to 10 coins ??.

Sometimes, you might want to punish your friend and decided to decrease his coins or gems with Cheat engine(whuch you can also later increase).
Apart from the above advantages, your game data is safe while using this app(unlike Lucky patcher where your game restarts from the beginning). The disadvantages of this app is that your phone must be rooted and also you must be running the game which you wish to hack(the game must be running before hacking begins).
  Cheat engine.apk download

2. Game killer (root needed)

This app uses the memory modifying techniques and thus compatible with a wide range of android versions of video games.

It allows the hacking of various games, but modifying paid games is often discouraged.
It requires root access.
Game killer.apk download

3. Gamecih (root needed)

This app allows you to modify many variables in a wide range of games without having to master the game codes.
It requires root permission which means that your phone must be rooted.
Gamecih.apk download

4. Xmodgames (root needed)

This app works by scanning your device for all games stored on it and then comps the internet for any trick or assistance that you can use to hack the games.

This app is cool as it provides great tricks to inject fun into the game and make it a lot easier to play.
Xmodgames.apk download

Playing Android games has been made easier with all the above listed apps. Don't forget that with our android app, you will get all updates directly to your phone. Crackerwap.apk download

Bear in mind that there are many other Android apps which can help you in hacking android games. But we always recommend the top and best ones here at Crackerwap. You can also contribute by dropping the app which you can use to hack your android games.


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