Why you should avoid using blog ads (Google Adsense and other ads platform)

Everyday,new blogs are being created,but only few blogs are sucessful. If you are a serious blogger,then you don't need to make use of Google adsense and any other advertising platforms.

Some bloggers believe that they can paste the HTML code and display ads in the side bar and sit back to watch as money flows into their account.This believe is considered as a lazy and unserious bloggers believe.
There are many other ways in which you can earn with your blog other than blog ads.

Reasons why you should avoid using blog ads{eg Google Adsense}
Below are the major reasons why you should avoid using blog ads.

1. Blog ads force you to work for the boss.
Bloggers are entrepreneurs right?
After all, you are building something for yourself. You are your own boss and you are in charge.
But if you run ads on your blog, then you are no more the boss. The ad platform{eg Google adsense} is your boss. If you don't like the amount of money they pay you per click, you can never demand for a raise.

Your earnings are always withheld by the ad platform{your boss} until you reach the minimum pay out. Your boss can easily wipe out your earnings or block your account if you accidentally break any of their terms and conditions.
We know you don't want your efforts to be in vain.

2. Blog ads can steal your blog traffic.
Lets assume that you created a new tech blog and decided to add blog ads in your new blog. If someone visits your blog and taps the blog ads in your blog, which then lead him/he to a tech blog better than your's and might even be your source of posts.

Do you think that he/she will come back to your blog after visiting the source?. No, he/she might even forget that your blog is in existence. He/she can now get all tech updates directly from the source.
Now, you gain about $0.5 but lost your visitor.

3. Blog ads will slow your blog performance
As we all know that excessive plugins in wordpress and excessive widget in blogger slows down the loading speed of our blogs.
When your visitor visits your blog, and it takes longer time than his/her expectation to load your pages, this will only annoy your visitor because you are not only wasting his/her time, but you are also wasting his/her internet data.

4. Blog ads lowers your visitors trust towards you.
When someone visits your blog, and saw an amazing banner ad. He/she decided to check out the ad content and after tapping the banner, they landed on another page which displayed something different from what they saw on the banner ad.

Eg: You saw How to hack WI-FI in a banner ad. But when you tap it, it landed you in another page which says How to kill a rat.
The trust you have for the blog where you saw the banner ad will be reduced and sometimes totally killed.

5. Blog ads pay you peanuts.
No matter the amount of traffic you get to your blog, blog ads will only pay you peanuts.

Most blog ad platforms do pay from $0.001 - $0.5 per click. And they wont pay you for all clicks. They will pay you based on verified clicks{verified by them}.
Lets look at the typical case - most of the ads you see on blogs are generated by Google adsense. Many factors affect the amount you can earn through Google adsense {including the topic you blog about, the specific ad displayed, the number of traffic you have, and what percentage of that traffic sees and clicks the ad}.

Lets assume that Google adsense pays $0.5 per click and you have about 2000 unique visitors. You should bear in mind that sometimes, nobody will click the ad{either because of wrong content off ad or because of less internet data}. And if someone successfully clicks the ad, Google adsense will first verify the click before adding it to your account.

6. Blog ads cheats you
You might be wondering how blog ads can cheat you, but we will make it clear to you.

An experiment was conducted by a pro blogger. He removed the blog ad in his blog and placed a banner linking to his second blog.
After about a month, he checked to know how many clicks he might have gotten using G.A{Google analytics}. He observed that he got almost twice the clicks which blog ads do show him per month{Knowing too well that the page view of that month is lesser than that of other months {when he was still making use of blog ads}}.

From the above observation, he arrive to the conclusion that blog ads do cheat its users.
Several bloggers also conducted related experiment and also agreed to his conclusion.

How can I monetize my blog

You can monetize youe blog through various smart ways. We will be listing few ways below:

By selling Ebooks.

By joining affliate programs.

By paid reviews.

By Hire me activity.

That's all for now. You can also add your own suggestions below. 


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