How to edit/mod psiphon handler(Text editing).

Editing psiphon handler as been a popular activity which we {modders} always engage in. This post will be guiding you all through on how to mod psiphon handler.

There are many psiphon handler versions but we will be using the one we have already modded. You can use any psiphon handler version but as your first project, we strongly advice you to download and use our already modded one {Crack it handler pro} for easy understanding.

Crack it handler pro.apk download

Before you proceed, ensure that you have Apk editor pro which is the main tool for modding. You can download it from here.

How to mod and edit psiphon handler

There are many methods of modding android apps, but we will try to compose the easiest method.In this post, we will teach you all how to rename certain names in psiphon handler. 

Follow the below steps after installing Apk editor pro and the Crack it handler pro.

1. Conclude on what you wish to rename. Write them down and also bear in mind the one which you will use to replace the original name. 

2. Open the installed Apk editor pro and tap Select Apk from App

3. Locate and tap the installed psiphon handler or Crack it handler pro. Then tap Full Edit{RESOURCE RE-BUILD} 

4. Now search for that which you wish to rename {as stated in no.1}. As you can see, the app name is Crack it handler pro. You should rename the Crack it handler pro to your desired name

NOTE: You can rename the Cracked and uncracked {which was renamed from Connected and disconnect}. Rename every words and phrases there till your taste. 

5. Tap files.

6. Now search for that which you wish to rename but could not find it in Strings {Using Cracker Lordz as example}.

7. Now, you will get results depending on if the searched keyword is valid or not.

8. Tap res/layout/main.xml and items will be listed under it {you should now tap the one you wish to edit and note down the number before it}.

9. Now you should be careful not to add or delete anything in this section. Only replace Cracker Lordz/Crackerwap with your desired name or blog url.

10. After renaming, tap the save image at the down left side and tap back. 

11. Now go back and tap Manifest at the right down side of your screen.

12. Now search for what you could not find in String and Files {Some developers do lock their app name here}. So search for the app name here {Crack it handler pro} and you will see something like the below image.

13. Now rename all Crack it handler pro to your desired app name and tap save. 

14. Tap the Save button at the top right side of your screen.

15. Install and test your edited app.

Thats all. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Our next tutorial will be on how to change the background colour of apps. So we kindly advise you to always visit this blog to avoid missing a tutorial.

Do you encounter any problem?, or was yours successful?. Feel free to tell us using the comment box.


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