How to mod Android apps and games easily with your android phone.

We have been getting messages in our mail on daily basis asking us to teach and guide them on how to mod android apps and games.

We kept promising to teach them due to the recent projects which we need to tackle. But today, we will be teaching and guiding all interested individual who wants to know how to mod applications and games.

Modding of android apps is an easy activity but needs your time and effort. You can't just learn how to mod applications and games in a day.
In respect to this, we decided to create out time in order to teach all those who are interested on how to mod android apps and games.

How to mod android apps and games

As we said earlier, learning how to mod android games and apps is not a day job. It is a step to step process.
We will be composing the steps as a post here with images for better understanding. But we will create a whatsapp group which we be named 'Crackerwap apk modders'.

In this whatsapp group, we will guide you all on how o mod apk apps and games. You will also be asked to send the screenshot of the apps and games you modded {This will help us to know where you are lacking skills and where you might need help}.`

If you are interested in learning how to mod android games and apps, then ensure that you always visit this blog to avoid missing a step.

If you are also interested in joining Crackerwap apk modders whatsapp group, then comment with your mobile number and you name below. Or you can add this number on whatsapp +2348176128336.

NOTE: Anybody who post anything which is not related to modding of apps and games in the whatsapp group will be removed.

Also note that lectures/tutorials starts on 17th of Febuary 2017 {Friday} for both whatsapp group and here.

Below are the screenshot of some of the apps we have modded.


Psiphon handler


And so many others.
Always visit this blog for more hacks and tricks.


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