Best App building engines and tools for creating your APPs

There are lots of app building platforms that helps us to create and design apps. Howerver, today we will be listing top app building engines and tools. Most of these apps builder requires the knowledge of programming language.

Bear it in mind that the below list is not by ranking. It is selected at random.You can test all to know the one that suits your need.

1. Appyet
This is a free online android app builder. We previously made a post on How to create android app for your blog with appyet. Our 1st official android app was built with this engine.

2. TheAppBuilder
This is a mobile development tool aimed squarely at the enterprise. It also has an impressive client list that includes Heathrow Airport. It also has build modes for both employee apps and outward-facing software.

3. Sencha

This takes a web-centric approach o mobile application development, making it a good fit for organisations with lots of web application and javascript development expertise. Its touch application is based on HTML5.

4. Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie has worked with Disney, and universal providing all three with apps. What sets it apart from others is the number of beautiful design templates and available additional features. It boasts fan walls, chat, music playing and geo-targeting capabilities. But all these features are available at a price.

5. Kony

Kony's platform is a good fit for projects that require the use of native features on an array of mobile devices. The environment can be used to build apps once for tablets, smartphones, feature phones, mobile browsers and even desktop browsers, and then deploy to all of them.

6. Kalipso Studio

This offers mobile app development for Android and Microsoft OS claiming to focus on the process not the code. Key features include a drag and drop editor, free runtimes, built-in GPS, database synchronisation, multi-language and technical support.
7. jQuery Mobile

This is a good fit for organisations that need an open source mobile web framework that will allow them to leverage existing jQuery skills.
The framework provides the ability to use HTML, Javascript and CSS to build interactive mobile web pages for an array of smartphones, and it can be used with PhoneGap to build hybrid mobile applications.

8. Good Barber

They claim to make beautiful-looking apps in four simple steps. Unlike most of the easy app makers, it puts design out front and then lets you add content later.

9. Dojo Mobile

This provides a number of widgets that can be used to build web based application. Dojo is an open source development framework supported by Dojo foundation that is available both as a free download and commercially distributed as a part of IBM's websphere. It's a good fit for organisations that need a lightweight, open source mobile web framework that allows them to leverage experience with Dojo Toolkit.
Dojo gives developers the ability to use HTML, Javascript and Cascading style sheets {CSS} to build interative mobile web pages for both desktop devices and webkit-enabled mobile devices.

10. Bizness Apps
Bizness Apps offers a simple way to aggregate existing content from websites and social medias. You can see changes in real time, and absolutely no programming expertise is required. Which will make it useful for the SMB that just needs an app right now, and less useful for those for whom an app is central.

There are many and lots of app building engines and tools. But we listed top 10. You can contribute the ones you know using the comment box.


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