Top commentators of January 2017(Claim your rewards).

topIt's been a long period of time this January and many of us have been expecting this Day(The end of January).
We promised all Crackers to reward the 3 top commentators of the month and that is what we are about to do now.

What is 3 top commentators of the month?
3 top commentators of the month means the 3 people with the highest comments in our site for that particular month.

Below are the list of 5 top commentators.
1. Kolawale Tobi

2. Bright

3. Adesina Babatunde

4. Christian Nelson

5. Meeky Bash

If you are among the above listed names(1 - 3),then you have to comment with your mobile number, your network provider and your facebook username.
08176128336 - Etisalat - Cracker Lordz

unfortunately for Bright, he was disqualified. This means that Bright
won't be receiving any reward.

Reasons why Bright was disqualified

We know that most of you readers might not know the reasons why Bright was disqualified. Well, Bright was disqualified because of his repeated spamming with his comments.
Bright was publishing an online money making business with the comment box.
Upon that, the business was a fake and scam. We deleted the comment severally and he keeps publishing the same comment. This occurred for about 6 times.

Below are the proves why Bright was disqualified


Upon that, he decided to start publishing comments twice. See the below image


In respect to this, we have decided to change the rules of top commentators. From now hence, rewards to top commentators will be done on random.

This means that we won't reward top commentators monthly again. We will reward them any time we wish(either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly). We will also sometimes post free recharge pins for our active visitors.

Therefore, always visit this site(you might be lucky to see free recharge pins) and drop your comments(to be among the top commentators to be rewarded).

Congratulations to the 2 top commentators of January.
You too can be among the top commentators by just dropping your comments.


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