Etisalat #0.00 unlimited browsing and downloading (not 60mb but unlimited)

As we promised all Crackers that this year, lots and lots of free stuffs will be released. Thanks to Tweakware teams for this awesome cheat.

We all should have known about the Etisalat #0.00 60mb per day and we have been complaining that this cheat can't solve our browsing needs. But today, we will guide you all on how to set up the Etisalat #0.00 unlimited free browsing.

How to browse and download unlimitedly with your Etisalat sim using Tweakware.


Tweakware 5.8.apk

Etisalat sim with #0.00

Android device and


1. Download and install Tweakware 5.8 by tapping here

2. Switch on your data connection and open the installed Tweakware.

3. Tap None,then choose Etisalat 0.00k and connect

4. After a succesful connection, tap Settings {located at the top right side of your screen} and tap Remote Tweak {Wait for it to install successfully}.

5. After a successful installation, go back and disconnect.

6. Now choose Remote Tweak {no more Etisalat 0.00k} and connect.

7.Start browsing and downloading unlimitedly.

NOTE: This Remote Tweak is removed if you 'exit' tweakware, 'reboot your phone' or change the 'Remote Tweak' to any other tweak. In this case, you have to re-do the above steps again in order to get the Remote Tweak back.

If you get the error 'remote tweak installation failed', just quite the Tweakware and start all over again.

Actually we didn't encounter any problem while setting this cheat. But if you do encounter any problem or difficulty, we are here to help. Just comment below and we will reply you.

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