How to increase your blog SEO rank and traffic

With daily increase of new bloggers, blog SEO rank has been so competitive. Lots of pro bloggers and old bloggers will never review the secrete behind their blog SEO rank to new bloggers.

Many new bloggers end up abandoning their blog all because they did not get all they expect. We know how stressful and disappointing it can be when you have nobody to guide you as a newbie in blogging. We were once like you {when we started blogging newly}. This is why we decided to help all new bloggers to reduce the stress they might encounter.

What is blog SEO rank?

Yes! as a new blogger, you might not hae heard of SEO or might have heard about it but do not know the meaning and importance.
Well, SEO is a short form for 'Search Engine Optimization'. We know that Google is a search engine, Bing and Yahoo are also search engines. Search engines play a major role in our blog traffic as some of you might be here through Google or any other search engines.

Now, blog SEO rank simply means the rank of your blog in search engines/how popular your blog is on search engines. It all has to do with how people relate with your blog through search engines.

Why do you need to increase your blog SEO rank?

We all have known what blog SEO rank simply mean, but you might still not know why you need to improve your blog SEO rank.

Increase in your blog SEO rank will lead to an increase in your blog traffic {we all want more blog traffics}.

Increase in your blog SEO rank will lead to more income {more traffics simply means more chances for an increase in income}.

It will also lead to the increase of opportunities {lots of company love to partner with bloggers whose blog has high SEO rank}.

There are other reasons why you need to improve your blog SEO rank {like increase in blog popularity and so many more}, but the above three are the most important reasons to consider.

How to increase and improve your blog SEO rank and blog traffic.

In order to improve your blog SEO rank, we strongly advise you to follow all the below guides.

NOTE: We assume that you have submitted your blog, sitemap and robot.txt to search engines {Google, Bing and Yahoo}. Use the comment box if you need help in adding your blog to search engines, creating and adding a sitemap to search engines and also adding a robot.txt to search engines.

Lets proceed
1. Make proper use of social medias.

There are lots of countless social medias accross the globe. Most social medias are ment for chatting only while the others are ment for chatting and sharing of files.
As a blogger, you need to make use of social medias to the advantage of your blog. Lots of social medias allow you to join lots of groups for free. This is mainly where smart bloggers make proper use of such social medias to promote their blog.
Taking Facebook as an example, there are lots of Facebook groups that allows you to share your blog posts on them. We will give you some of the Facebook groups which we are members of.
Facebook groups like Bloggers Corner, Bloggers Funda {mainly Asian bloggers}, Bloggers nextdoor {mainly Dutch bloggers} and Naija Webmasters {mainly Nigerian bloggers} allows you to share your blog article links without being removed.

Most of this Facebook groups have large number of active members. This means that your blog articles will reach large number of people. You should also join lots of groups in other social medias.

Follow Me on Pinterest

 Lots of social medias referring to your blog increases your blog SEO rank.
You might also create a Facebook page to get your blog readers intouch with you.
You can get your post to reach lots of people by using tags in Facebook. #word means tag word. #Crackerwap means tag Crackerwap. If your blog post {which you want to share} is about blogging tips, then it is neccessary to add the tag bloggingtips while sharing the post. This will incase it's visibility whenever someone searches for the tag bloggingtips.
2. Be a recognized Forum/group member.
Joining lots of Facebook groups does not just end there. You need to be a well know active member. You can archieve this by commenting on other bloggers post on Facebook and also helping other bloggers who needs help.
When you do this, other bloggers will believe in you. They will trust you {if you help someone successfully}, and they will be your secrete blog follower.
Secrete blog follower?, yes, you read it well. Lots of bloggers will start following your blog and you won't suspect. They might also visit your blog daily to know your latest published article.

You should join lots of forums. Many forums were created according to blog niche, while some others were created for general purpose. Join forums related to your blog niche and also general forums. Also help your fellow forum members without demanding anything from them.
Do not spam on forums, instead refer them to your blog in a smart way. An example is given below:

Having a Facebook page is very important because it helps in blog promotion.

The sentence above has a link to our official Facebook page. With this method, nobody will consider this has a spam.

3. Increasing your email newsletter subscribers.

This is one of the important thing to consider if you don't want to loose your active visitors.
If you were able to get some of your readers to subscribe to your blog newsletter, then you have to be smart to avoid any spam activity.

To do this, we advice you not to send all your post contents to them. Instead, you should send the tile and links of your posts to them once a week. See the below as an example {message sent on Saturdays}

"Hi, we hope you are having a good weekend?
These are the latest articles published on Crackerwap this week.

1. How to increase your blog SEO rank and traffics.

2. Article/post name
Article/post link

Kindly check them out. Have a wonderful day"

With the above message, the reciever might decide to check out any of your latest posts. This will not only bring them back to your blog, but will also encourage them not unsubscribe from your blog newsletter.

NOTE: In the above message, we assumed that you published two posts only for that week. But if you publish more than that, you can simply add them.

In order to increase your blog newsletter subscribers, you need to consider some steps which we will be publishing soon. For those of you mainly new bloggers} who don't know how a newsletter subcrption looks like, you can try it with the below.

4. Make friends with your fellow bloggers

Almost all bloggers have a contact details in their blog. You can contact your fellow bloggers if you need their help. It does not matter if the blogger is a new blogger or is a young blogger.
It is very very important to get intouch with your fellow bloggers {both does in your niche and others. There are many ways inwhich you can promote your blog. Different bloggers with different blog promotion tecniques. If you can learn how two or more different bloggers promote their blogs, then your blog traffic will surely increase.

5. Commenting on other peoples blog

People do not know the major importance of commenting in other peoples blog. When you comment on peoples blog and drop a link to your own blog, the owner of the blog might decide to check out your blog. Not only checking out your blog, you can also drive his own traffic to your blog.

Lots of old bloggers suggest that you comment on blogs more higher than yours. But in real sense, we suggest you consider lower blogs than higher ones. When a blog reader taps the link in your comment and finds out that your blog is more pro than where he saw your link, he will be a returning visitor since he will get something more from your blog.
This does not mean that you should not give higher blogs a try. Higher blogs help mainly in search engines. Since those blogs have already fixed almost all their SEO faults. Your blog name gain higher visibility in search engines, but traffic might not be as that of the developing blog.

Commenting on other peoples blog also acts as a source of free backlinks. You should bear in mind that backlinks increases the SEO rank of your blog. With lots of your blog link in different blogs, this will surely increase your blog SEO rank and traffics.
We advice you to read the tutorial and drop a well detailed comment that will attract other readers to check out your link.

6. Write quality articles with quality keywords

Quality keywords aids the visibility of blogs in search engines. Quality keywords are mainly what people always search for on search engines.
You don't need to focus mainly on quality keywords as they can be found on a well written article. Many bloggers believe that publishing articles daily on their blog is a good idea. We are not against such idea, but why publish articles daily and loose the main point.

If you will be able to publish a long well written article, then we see no reason why you should worry about quality keywords. We strongly advice you to publish long articles but that doesn't mean that it should loose it's quality.
Long well written articles does not only increase your SEO rank, but also gives you more business opportunities. Lots of companies love to partner with bloggers who can write long quality articles about their products. These companies/organisations pays you per review of their product. This means that with long quality articles, you will increase your blog SEO rank, increase your blog traffic and page views and also earn more income from companies.

7. Engage in guest blogging. 

Being a guest blogger simply means publishing articles on others blog. As a guest blogger, you will get backlinks which increases blog SEO rank.
As a guest blogger, you can also steal your host{blog where you guest post} traffic. In order to archieve this, you should ensure that your article is well written and of high quality. This will draw the attention of the reader to visit your own personal blog.
Search for blogs related to your niche that accepts guest posts and be a guest blogger.

8. Content is the King

After following all the above steps, you need to keep your readers. Your blog content determines who visits your blog. In order to maintain your blog readers, you need quality contents that suits them. You should always ensure that all articles published on your blog have been tested and confirmed to be true before publishing. This will gain the trust of your readers.
You should also avoid copying other bloggers articles, because this will reduce your blog SEO rank. The more useful your blog content is, the more traffic your blog gets. Doinig all of the above will surely increase and improve your blog SEO rank and blog traffic.

What other methods do you use to increase your blog traffic and SEO rank?


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