9 Ways to Overcome High Population Growth

Indonesia is one of the countries with a very high population growth rate. This can have a negative impact on a country if it is not handled properly. Here are some ways to deal with high population growth:

1. Promote the transmigration program

One of the programs to overcome population density without suppressing population growth is by promoting the transmigration program. Transmigration is a population program from areas that are large or densely populated to areas that are still sparsely populated. This transmigration will encourage an even distribution of the population . If the population is evenly distributed, this will encourage equitable development. The transmigration program will reduce population density in densely populated areas and will be transferred to areas of Indonesia where the population is not too dense.

As we all know, the area in Indonesia that has the most population, even the most dense, is in Java. Even the island of Java is also known as one of the most populous islands in the world. So far, the Indonesian government has implemented this massive transmigration program. The target of the government's transmigration program is people on the island of Java. They are usually placed in eastern Indonesia, such as on the island of Borneo. Transmigration participants will be provided with a place to live and also given land so that they can be planted with crops. Thus there are several positive impacts that can be felt, not only equal distribution of the population, but also the number of unemployed people on the island of Java can be reduced and will make previously empty lands become productive land.

2. Equitable employment

It is undeniable that most of the reasons why people like to change workplaces are often cited because of work. It is true, the current number of jobs is still imbalanced, where only in busy areas such as big cities are many. In addition, this employment is also usually found in areas with a large population, because this means that labor is not scarce so that producers can reduce employee salaries. Well, in Indonesia itself, let's look at the island of Java and Sulawesi, where are the large number of job vacancies? Surely all will agree to answer in Java. This is because the workforce in Java is more and more qualified.

By looking at this phenomenon. ideally the government should start a program of equal distribution of employment. For example, factories are now being built outside Java Island, opening plantations or new agricultural land to be processed so that people who do not have jobs can be more productive in cultivating land. To realize this, the Indonesian government has actually done it. One of the evidences can be seen that job vacancies in government agencies are currently placed in areas outside Java Island. This will greatly affect population density, as many will move outside Java to work.

3. Suppress population growth with the family planning program

One of the most effective ways as a solution to overcrowding the population is by launching a family planning or family planning program. Family planning is a government program for the Indonesian people to limit the number of children, where in one family it is enough to have only 2 children. In the family planning program, housewives are given special methods to prevent pregnancy. The methods for this are for example by taking certain drugs, using contraceptives, syringes or needles, and so on. This family planning program has succeeded in reducing population growth rates so that the population in Indonesia does not explode too much.

The socialization of the Family Planning program has been carried out optimally and can be obtained up to the puskesmas level. The family planning program has been carried out by some Indonesian citizens, but there are still some Indonesian citizens who do not want to implement family planning because some think that family planning is haram.

4. Make laws that determine the minimum age for marriage

In recent years, a case that has been rife in Indonesia is about the moral corruption of teenagers. Many children of school age who become pregnant out of wedlock will then be expelled from school. This does not only happen to one or two people, but almost every country has cases like this. Not only will it have an impact on the future of students, but in the long term this will also have an impact on the number of people in Indonesia. Try to imagine a child at junior high school having a baby soon.

This means that young age will produce youth. If many school-age children have babies, what will happen to Indonesia's population growth ? It will definitely explode. Not only does it happen to unmarried pregnancies, but sometimes we still find it in several regions in Indonesia that parents deliberately marry off their children at a young age, especially girls. So from that to overcome this, the government made a law that discusses this matter. This law stipulates the minimum age of marriage for a person. This can reduce population growth and overcome population density.

5. Limit child support for civil servants and ABRI up to their second child

One of the reasons why people do not question the number of children is because they get allowances from the government and the private sector. This allowance is obtained together with the salary that is earned every month. Therefore, various ways have been taken by the government to suppress population growth, one of which is by limiting child support to only the second child.

It is like the family planning program which encourages every family to have two children. By limiting child support, someone will definitely think again about having many children, considering that the cost of living is getting more expensive, especially the cost of education which is also getting more expensive. However, this program is difficult to apply in rural areas, for several reasons. First, because there are not many employees in the village, and secondly because the villagers think "Many children have lots of luck". However, in urban areas, this can help reduce population density.

6. Imposing high rates for immigrants

Various factors can support Indonesia to experience population density, not only in terms of the number of native Indonesians, but also many foreign residents. Now let's take a look at the field. When we take a walk to a famous tourist spot, will we only find domestic or domestic tourists? Of course not, right? we will find lots of foreign tourists who come from various countries.

These foreign tourists do not only make one day trips (round trip in one day) from their home countries then to Indonesia and return to their countries. These tourists will stay in Indonesia, even if only temporarily. Well, things like this add to the density of Indonesia's population. We call the activity of foreigners entering Indonesia a migration activity known as immigration. The perpetrators of this immigration are called immigrants. Usually when immigrants enter Indonesia, they will take care of various kinds of administrative documents along with the costs. So, one of the efforts to reduce population density in terms of foreign citizens is an increase in administrative fee rates. This will likely have a large or minor impact.

7. Disseminating population education to various levels of education

Overcrowding is a serious problem. Not only homework for the government, but also for the people. The community should also be aware of the negative impact of population density because the community is the main cause of population density. So that's why it's also important to inform the public about this. one of the ways is by disseminating information to the public regarding the dangers of population density.

If routine socialization is carried out, this will greatly help awaken the community, then this will be a suppressor of population growth. So that when the community itself is aware of the dangers or impacts of overcrowding, the community will be able to refrain from having fewer children.

8. Facilitate and improve services in the field of education

Education also plays a very important role in controlling population growth. This is especially so for teenagers who want to get married at a young age. In ancient times we will find many teenagers who just graduated from junior high school, then discontinued high school education and immediately married. It is not good to be married at such a young age.

Therefore, the government tries to overcome this, one of which is by improving services in the education sector so that many students are interested in continuing their education. With a focus and a desire to continue education to a higher level, the desire to get married at a very young age can be postponed. When the focus is on education and there is a desire to continue education to higher education, after graduating, a person has a mature and mature age. At that age, someone is ripe for marriage. This needs to be encouraged because it has a positive impact.

9. Increasing compulsory basic education for the community

Still in the corridor of education to combat population density in Indonesia. In addition to improving services in the field of education, one way that the government can take is by establishing compulsory basic education programs or compulsory education. If in the past, compulsory education was set at 6 years or equivalent to basic education, then gradually it would increase to 9 years of compulsory education or the level of junior secondary education, even the most recent compulsory education has reached 12 years, which is at the SMA level. When you reach this age, you will graduate from school at a fairly mature age. If you add a few years to work, then someone is ready to get married so that they will not have children at a very young age.

So, those are some of the efforts that the government can make to overcome population density. The measures that have been mentioned above are a way to overcome the high population growth in Indonesia.

Negative Impact of Population Density

1. Lots of unemployed

One of the effects of population density is the large number of unemployed. This is because the population is always increasing while the number of job vacancies does not increase or the increase is not proportional.

2. Crime increases

The visible impact of other population densities is that crime increases. This impact is included as an indirect impact. Many people who do not get a job will force that person to do things that are criminal in nature, such as stealing and pickpockets.

3. A lot of garbage is wasted carelessly

Population density will also cause littering. Human settlements that are too dense will automatically cause a lot of waste (read: plastic waste processing).

Those are some of the effects of population density. As we know, population density mostly causes negative impacts. Apart from the impacts mentioned above, there are many more impacts such as reduced availability of land, the need for clean air, the need for clean water and environmental damage, and many more. I hope this article is useful.


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