Gain admission into Osmania university with just your WAEC result(no jamb and entrance exam)

OsmaniaAdmission is on going for students{from Nigeria and other countries} who wish to study in Osmania university.

Osmania university are offering admission to Nigerians with just their WAEC/O' level result{No need for jamb, post UTME and any entrance exam}.

Looking at the image above, you might be wondering where this awesome university is. Well, Osmania university is a university in Hyderabad, India.

Why you should study in India.

India has been ranked the most populated country or 2nd after China.India is a developing country and has many features which you can enjoy as an international student.

1. India has been ranked as one of the 10 top countries who produces successful medical doctors , engineers and programmers.But well known for their engineering courses.

2. India is a cheap country.They make use of rupees as their money currency. And 1 rupee is approximatly equal to 3 naira{as of 2015} but approximatly equal to 6.8 naira in parallel market{as of 2017}.

3. Studying in India as been approved by the government of Nigerians and their certificates are well recognized all over the world.This lead to admitting Nigerians into India universities without requesting for TOEFL or any other certificate which proves that the applicant can speak,write and understand English language.

4. There are so many other reasons why you should study in India{such as nice and condusive reading environment,Indians are friendly to international students.},but we only listed the major reasons.

What you need as a Nigerian.
For a Nigerian to study in any university in India, he/she should have the following requirements{For Undergraduates} .

1. At least five{5} C4 based on your major courses in WAEC.

2. International passport.
There are many universities and colleges in India. But we will recommend the below university.

Osmania university requires at least five C4 in your WAEC result and also your international passport.

Fees and some things you need to know.

Note: Admission form fee varies from 3,500 - 12,000 rupees.

1. Tuitution fees: This depends on the course which you are applying for. Computer science{3 years course} goes for $700 per year.
Computer science and engineering{4 years course} goes for $1,300 per year.

The tuition fee is higher for international students{students who are not from India}.
As for Indians, they will be required to pay around 20,000 - 50,000 rupees{1 rupee approx.= 6.8 naira in parallel market and 4.5 naira official}. Although it might seem to be expensive for international students, but it's cheaper when compared to most private universities in Nigeria and their developed teaching system/.

As we said earlier,India is a cheap country and also a country know for its Engineering skills. If you want to study Art courses or any Art related course, then know that this post is not for you. They do offer mainly science and engineering courses and few Art courses. We strongly advice you to study Art courses in Nigeria.

2. Apartment fees:
Hostel fees ranges from $850 - $1000 {this include accomodation and feeding}. But we {Nigerians} do rent an apartment outside the school.

Apartment differs in price.
1 bedroom + sitting room + kitchen + toilet and bathroom goes for 2,000 - 4,000 rupees per month. You can also share this apartment with your fellow Nigerians.

3. Feeding: Food stuffs in India is very very cheap. You don't even need to compare it with other countries.

4. Transportation: This is the most cheapest part for studying in India. As a student, you can apply for a bus fare which cost 600 rupees for 6 months.

This means that if you get the bus fare, you can now enter any bus in India for free within 6 months. This is awesome because you don't need to worry about paying transport fee.

5.Climate: India climate is similar to Nigeria climate. This means that you can adapt easily to climate changes.

6. Racism: Indians are always friendly and love to learn other peoples culture and language. So you don't need to worry about being bullied by any body. Even if any body bullied you, the India police will arrest him/her.

7. Teaching system: For engineering courses, praticals are being conducted every week. No form of sorting the lecturer.
The other part is that the lecturer will never set what he did not teach in his exam{That is why many serious students do graduate out with First class}. Lecturers relates well to students.

If a lecturer teaches in a way which you and your class members are not satisfied with, you all can go and report to the VC of the university. The VC will then replace the lecturer{This is because you pay for your tuition fees and it is your right to decide what you pay for}.

How to apply

All you need is an international passport and your O'level result{C4 and above}.

You can apply by visiting their main site and tap foreign


You can apply through us

What we will do for you
1. O'level result review

2. Admission processing

3. Guide for obtaining Student visa on your own{without any agent}.

4. Airport pick up{when you arrive in India}.

5. Accoomodation for 3 - 7 days{before showing you your own apartment}.

6. Sim card purchase and registration.

7. Obtaining of Residential permit.

8. Guide you on the roads/routes to school, market, and any other place you might need to know.

For all of the above, we charge a flexible fee of #50,000 only.

Interested individuals should contact us.
Whatsapp only: 08176128336


Facebook: Cracker Lordz

Choose a brighter future today.


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