How to Consume JSON from RESTful Web Service and Convert to Java Object - Spring RestTemplate Example

So far, I have not written much about REST and RESTful web service barring some interview questions e.g. REST vs SOAP, which is thankfully very much appreciated by my readers and some general suggestions about best books to learn REST in past, but today I am going to write something about RESTTemplate class from Spring MVC framework. Like its predecessors JdbcTemplate and JmsTemplate, the RestTemplate is another useful utility class which allows you to interact with RESTful web services from a Java application built using Spring framework. It's a feature rich and supports almost all REST methods e.g. GET, POST, HEAD, PUT or DELETE, though we'll only use the GET method in this article to consume a RESTful Web Service and convert the JSON response to Java objects. It's one of the basic but interesting examples, given you will often find scenarios to consume a RESTful web service from Java program.
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