How to change android apps and games icon image

We earlier published a post on how to rename texts in psiphon handler. And today, we will be showing you all how to change apss and games icon.

Apps and games icon play a major role in identification and promotion. A good designed icon will attract more downloads, which might lead to more app users.

How to change app and games icon using Apk editor pro

Consider the below points before proceeding.

 * Ensure you have Apk editor pro which you can download by clicking here

* Ensure you have the app/game which you want to change it's icon installed.

1. Open your Apk editor and tap Select Apk from apps

2. Locate the app which you wish to change it's icon and tap it { we are using Tweakware }.

3. Tap Common edit.

4. Tap the image icon { after Launcher icon } and you will be asked to choose a image { choose your desired image }

5. Tap save located at the right down side.

6. Install and test your work

The above tutorial is used in changing app and games icon image. After renaming your desired app, you will use the above tutorial to change it's icon. We will also publish more and more modding tutorials { we advice you to stay updated }.
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