Etisalat free 60mb Now working with the new version of Xp psiphon

Ever since Etisalat free 60mb per day stopped working on Tweakware, lots of friends and fans have been asking us if the Etisalat cheat has been blocked or if the fault is from Tweakware.

After several investigations, we found out that the Etisalat free 60mb is still blazing with Syphon G kings, GMC psiphon and Xp psiphon. With these 3 apps, you can browse with the Etisalat free 60mb without much stress. But we choose to use Xp psiphon because it's fast and more stable.

Xp psiphon allows you to export and import configuration files without much stress. But this new version seems to have some little bugs with that.

Etisalat free 60mb settings for Xp psiphon 7.0

Etisalat sim with #0.00

Android phone

Xp psiphon

1. Download and install Xp psiphon.
Xp psiphon 7.0.apk download

2. Open the istalled Xp psiphon.

3. Tap the option lines located at the top right side.

4. Tap Xp Generator

5. Copy and paste in the URL/Host box.

6. Set the below settings:
Real Proxy Type: HTTP

Tick Real Host

Tick Remove port.

7. Tap the Generate button.

8. Now tap Connect and wait for about 5 seconds for it to connect successfully.

NOTE: You might experience speed throttling when you use up to 7-8mb. All you have to do is to switch off and on your data connection. Or disconnect and reconnect the Xp psiphon.

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