How to check if two Rectangle Overlap in Java - Algorithm

Can you write a Java program to check if two rectangles are overlapping with each other or not? is one of the frequently asked coding questions on tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and others. This is also a kind of problem where it's easy to find opposite or negative conditions e.g. when rectangles are not overlapping and then inverting the result to prove that rectangles are colliding with each other. I first heard about this problem from one of my friend who was on Android game development space. He was asked to write an algorithm to find if given rectangles are intersecting or not. He was given the choice to implement the algorithm in any programming language e.g. Java, C, C++ or even pseudo code was fine, so don't worry about language here, it's more about algorithm and logic. He is a genius so he came successful from that interview, impressing the interviewer, talking about efficiency and accuracy of the algorithm as well.
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